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We have a variety of colors and sizes or wire loom to fit most applications. Split loom is a cinch to install; just open the tubing along the slit and insert the wires.

Our nylon wire loom is designed to withstand greater heat than our standard wireloom along with improved chemical resistance.

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Wire Split Loom protects wire, cable and hoses. Split wire loom tubing is slit down the side. The slit in split wire loom tubing makes installation easy and cuts down

Use wire loom for automotive, industrial and cosmetic applications. Choices from the Bentley Harris Convo Shield, Spiral Wrap, split wiring loom, non split corrugated

The non slit wire loom is not slit in order to provide a fuller coverage of your wires and cables, ideal for industrial, automotive, and aerospace applications

Black slit wire loom makes managing your wires and cables. Corrugated design for flexibility and crush resistance. Wire loom sizes from 1/4 inch to 2 inches.

Protect wire & wire harnesses from heat, sunlight, and other natural elements with this polyethylene split loom tubing. Shop a variety of tubing at ElecDirect!

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Size: Slit Box Package Quantity: Slit Polyethylene Gaylord Quantity: Slit Nylon Gaylord Quantity: Slit FRPP Gaylord Quantity: Slit FRPE Gaylord Quantity: 1/4″ & 07L

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High Temp Nylon Loom. High temperature nylon slit wire loom is best used when the loom will be exposed to elevated temperatures, such as industrial and automotive

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